Learning to ride a bike

Mister Rogers shows a carved wooden elephant and a video of his visit to a huge wooden elephant on a beach by the Atlantic Ocean. Mister Rogers visits a toy lending library where he sees a variety of toys and watches the children play. Mister Rogers shows pictures from a catalog of playthings and says it’s important to take time to learn to play well. Mister Rogers talks about the importance of play in growing up and about the joy one can take in sharing playthings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday is trying to ride his bicycle, but he is discouraged because he falls; so, Handyman Negri helps him, and he is pleased. Prince Tuesday shares his bicycle with Ana Platypus so that she will know how to ride when she receives hers. With Handyman Negri’s help, Ana is able to ride. When Lady Elaine Fairchilde returns to the Museum-Go-Round, Handyman Negri and Mr. Aber open the locked door with the master Make-Believe key. All they find is an old box containing dust and a penny. When the penny is flipped in the air each person’s imagination causes him/her to see an elephant somersaulting through the air. This works with any penny that has been dipped in the dust, so Lady Aberlin, Mr. Aber, and Handyman go off to show the others.