Mister Rogers Creates a Sculpture

Mister Rogers creates a sculpture with some wooden sticks and a lump of clay. He shows the difference between large and small sticks. Mister Rogers comments that it’s not easy to do something you had trouble doing before. Audrey comes to his house and cuts a folded newspaper to make a pompom. She phones someone, but won’t say who. The surprise is outside, where a drill team performs for them. Audrey brings over a squad of cheerleaders who perform three cheers. Mister Rogers explains that cheerleaders help and encourage people to do things better.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Cornflake S. Pecially is having difficulty trying to make a present for Prince Tuesday. Miss Paulificate tries to do the task for Corney. When he takes offense, Miss Paulificate says that if Corney doesn’t want her help she’ll leave. Robert Troll suggests that maybe Corney needs some encouragement. They cheer Corney on as he toils with his machine. Dr. Bill appears on the scene and remarks that Corney has had trouble mastering that machine in the past. This time Corney is able to make it work.