Mister Rogers’ Son Jamie Demonstrates a Yo-Yo

Mister Rogers rolls a toy across the rug and the toy rolls back to him. He explains why the toy comes back. Two boys, Jamie and Alan, stop by with yo-yos. They demonstrate the yo-yos. Mister Rogers says that Jamie is his older son. After the boys leave, Mister Rogers explains that people don’t need strings to come back. Mister Rogers talks about letting go. Mr. and Mrs. McFeely come over with live baby goats from the zoo.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll wants to play ball. X can’t. Robert Troll finds some neighbors who can play. Robert Troll forgot to bring a ball. Lady Elaine provides some rags so that they can make a rag ball. Robert Troll throws the ball but won’t let go of the end, because he is afraid no one will throw it back. The others convince him that they will give the ball back.