Mr. McFeely Can’t Read the Mailing Address on a Gold Fiddle

Mister Rogers plays some jazz and classical music on a cassette recorder. The jazz is a recording of the combo who played on the show yesterday. As he listens, Mister Rogers draws. Joe Negri invites him to his shop to hear the jazz combo again. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. McFeely can’t read the address on a gold bass fiddle he is supposed to deliver. He is worried and asks Lady Aberlin’s help. She thinks it probably belongs to her uncle, but suggests he ask the neighbors. Daniel thinks it might belong to Prince Tuesday’s daddy. Mr. McFeely makes a list of those ideas. Henrietta suggests it belongs to the man for whom she babysits. X tells Mr. McFeely to take it to the king. Queen Sara suggests it belongs to her husband. The king points out that he is all of those people on the list. The king tries the new fiddle and realizes that he needs practice; having a gold fiddle dosn’t mean he will play well.