Mr. McFeely encourages recycling

Mister Rogers gets a greeting card. He shows how to reuse the envelope and part of the card. Mr. McFeely shows how he recycles paper from his delivery book by making a book of shapes. He says to think before throwing things away, and never buy anything you don’t need. He puts on a safety helmet before cycling away.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is collecting trash in front of the castle. King Friday wants to play music with him. The King has extra copies of music because the copier made 200 instead of 2 copies, and says that Handyman can throw them away. Bob Dog brings in another barrel of garbage. Mr. McFeely comes to encouraqe recycling the paper and save things. Bob Dog tries to collect the pieces of trash Lady Elaine is throwing out. The dump in Someplace Else is full, and Donkey Hodie and Harriett Cow are building a fence to limit the overflow. Meanwhile, back at the castle, the garbage is piling up and beginning to smell. Mister Rogers plays outside with the paper bag he found. He makes up a game with some balls. Marilyn Barnett does some execises with him, and he repeats Mr. McFeely’s advice to think before you throw anything away, and don’t buy anything you don’t need.