No food in Northwood

Mister Rogers identifies several different kinds of fruit and talks about how some food is better than others. He also shows some examples of junk food and mentions that some people can’t eat some kinds of food at all, and that most people should eat in moderation. He disguises himself with a cape, glasses, and a big nose, then sings about being together. He takes off the disguise and goes to the bakery where Chef Brockett shows him how to make a tasty snack of peanut butter, raisins, and cracker crumbs. They talk about how people’s tastes change. As they go back home, Mister Rogers makes a similar treat with a banana. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday disguises Lady Aberlin, Handyman, and Bob Dog who are to guard the gardens. They discover Old Goat eating food from one of the gardens. Old Goat bleats his case that he is hungry because there is no food in Northwood, where he lives. The King decrees that the guards will now plant Speedy Seeds everywhere so that the Neighborhood of Make-Believe can help supply food for Northwood. Mister Rogers explains that the “all out effort” of Neighborhood of Make-Believe is a way of showing love, and that parents want their children to eat some foods and not others because they love them and want them to grow up healthy.