Opening the wizard’s box

Mister Rogers has rabbit food in a box for the rabbits Mr. McFeely brings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel is checking the works of his clock. Dr. Marchl wants to meet the Platypuses. He talks to Dr. Bill and Elsie Jean who are very curious about what is in the box given by the wizard. Everyone gathers at the castle for the opening. Queen Sara isn’t sure whether it will be a good surprise or a scary one. When the box opens they find a note saying, “To help you hop,” and a bunny cap. When Lady Aberlin puts it on she begins to hop. Then Elsie Jean puts it on and begins to hop. Then Dr. Bill, the queen, and even the king all take their turn. Mister Rogers says that thinking decides what a person will do, not wishing or wearing a costume.