People grow

Mister Rogers illustrates mixing colors with some food coloring in water. He shows how a water wheel works and says that learning about such things is a part of science. He says that a smile comes from inside yourself and sings “It’s the Style to Wear a Smile.” Mr. McFeely visits and shows a picture of himself when he was three years old. Mister Rogers says that humans are born and grow but toys are not alive; we only pretend they are. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll asks Trolley if he was ever small and Trolley signals no. Robert takes Trolley off the tracks so they can go play together. Mayor Maggie shows King Friday a picture of herself when she was five years old and then begins looking for Trolley because she did not see him come by as usual. She stops to talk to Dr. Bill and Lady Elaine. Robert and Trolley are playing by Daniel’s clock and Daniel invites them inside. Chuck Aber joins the search after talking to Mayor Maggie on a portable phone, then he sings “Look and Listen.” Prince Tuesday finds Robert Troll’s trolley and Chuck explains that it is not the missing trolley because toys cannot grow or shrink. King Friday tells Robert that Trolley needs to get back on track immediately and stick to its schedule. Mister Rogers cleans up his experiment with the water wheel. He shows a trolley he made out of pencils and old thread spools. Mr. McFeely stops by with Lucky, a lost dog that he found and is returning to its owner. Mister Rogers talks about taking care of things we love and how people who love you want to know where you are.