People help each other when they work

Mister Rogers talks about cranes. He goes outside to the sand table to illustrate how a crane can lift things fast and slow. Mister Rogers shows a video of children taking their time to do projects and certain activities. Bob Trow stops in to give Mister Rogers a painting. Later, Mister Rogers talks about how people help each other when they work. Then John Sikora stops by to do some exercises with Mister Rogers. He shows Mister Rogers how he can do exercises both slow and fast. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie says the neighborhood is working together to slow Trolley down. Robert Troll gives Daniel Striped Tiger a picture of clocks in all four seasons of the year. Mr. Aber and Robert Troll set up a crane to lift Trolley so they can locate the fast trolley problem. They catch Trolley and Mr. Aber fixes Trolley’s controls. Trolley returns to normal speed with everyone’s help.