Mister Rogers has a toy stuffed racoon and a racoon mask. He puts it on and talks about pretending. A dance troupe is shown dressed in racoon outfits. The racoon children don’t want to go to bed. The parents quiet them and they fall asleep. The parents dance joyfully. Mister Rogers explains that, just because he puts on a mask, he doesn’t change underneath. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Harriett Cow, who is dressed up, asks Lady Aberlin to help the school children stage a play. King Friday shows up dressed as a bird and frightens away his two pet birds. A dancer pirouettes onstage. She twirls while Lady Aberlin admires. Ana Platypus wants to play a ballerina. Daniel S. Tiger is wearing a racoon mask. He and Lady Aberlin dicuss the necessity of ideas proceeding action, and sing “Who Made the Rainbow” together. Mister Rogers wonders about the play and what part each will play. He makes a paper bag mask and explains that it’s still him inside.