Raspberry delight

Mister Rogers laces his shoes with new shoelaces. He talks about practicing new skills. He has brought a box of wooden items made by children. While viewing each piece, Mister Rogers talks about how each is unique. Mrs. Clemmons arrives with a poem about her new job. After Mister Rogers guesses her job title he invites the Clemmonses to a gathering tomorrow in their honor. Mrs. Clemmons says she enjoys raspberry delight for dessert. Mister Rogers calls Chef Brockett and asks him to describe raspberry delight. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chef Brockett asks Edgar Cooke, Henrietta, Elsie Jean, and X the Owl which kind of raspberry delight the Clemmonses like. Elsie Jean informs the chef that there are almost a thousand kinds of raspberry delight. X suggests the chef ask the Clemmonses for their preference. Back with Mister Rogers, Chef Brockett calls Mrs. Clemmons and asks her which raspberry delight they like best. She says they like all kinds. Mister Rogers and Chef Brockett then pretend to make a raspberry delight and eat it.