Mister Rogers shows how reflections in a mirror are reversed. He says that a person can look in a mirror or look at others to understand his own appearance. Handyman Negri brings Mister Rogers a welcome sign.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll and Daniel are discussing how hard it is to wait for King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday to return. Robert Troll mistakes Lady Aberlin in costume for Queen Sara and is very disappointed when she takes her mask off. When the royal couple actually do return, King Friday sees Joey Hollingsworth and Lady Aberlin in costume. He thinks that he and Queen Sara have grown and that the costumed pair are a reflection of the royal couple. He is no longer confused when the costumed pair remove their masks. Robert Troll, however, won’t believe that Queen Sara has really returned until she speaks troll to him. Joey Hollingsworth announces that he is leaving on another selling trip.