Robert Troll makes noise

Mister Rogers is a guitar-sitter today. He is keeping a friend’s guitar while she moves. He heats up some soup and puts it in a thermos for her. When Carol Saunders comes by to pick up her guitar, she plays and sings. Mister Rogers gives her the soup. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is complaining about the noise Robert Troll makes while he plays. Elsie Jean tells Robert Troll to entertain himself. He begins turning knobs at Corney’s factory. Corney says this is dangerous. Robert Troll must find something else to do. Dr. Bill invites him to go along to Someplace Else. Donkey Hodie is complaining that he is lonely. Someplace Else is too quiet. He is delighted to see Robert Troll and Dr. Bill.