Transforming Rocking Chairs

Mister Rogers shows two pieces of wood and different things that can be done with them. He plays hide-and-seek with two cars. Bob Trow uses the pieces of wood to make a rocking chair. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin plays stop-and-go games with the trolley and Bob Dog. They help Corney put some rockers together. The rockers won’t stop rocking because Lady Elaine has used her Boomerang-Toomerang-Soomerang. She says that she will stop the rocking if she is never “it.” Lady Aberlin explains that the people have to take turns being “it.” Daniel’s crying because, when he was playing hide-and-seek with Lady Elaine, he couldn’t find anyone. Lady Elaine told him he’d always have to be “it.” Lady Aberlin tells him that people don’t have to play games that they don’t want to play. Mister Rogers talks about being able to stop and using self-control.