Scary, mad wishes

Mister Rogers talks about learning new skills like shoe tying. He has with him a silk top hat. After explaining what “collapse” means, Mister Rogers visits Betty Aberlin at Negri’s Music shop and lends her his hat for her magic tricks. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine removes all the props for the play from Mr. Anybody’s suitcase because she fears she won’t be included in the play. Mr. Anybody is angry at Lady Elaine for taking things out of his suitcase. He tells Lady Elaine that she can be in the play if she asks to be, not by stealing. Mr. Anybody tells Lady Elaine that things don’t come true by wishing and meddling. At Negri’s shop, Betty does a few more tricks before Mister Rogers leaves to go home. Mister Rogers shows that wishing will not cause a stack of blocks to fall. Everyone, he says, sometimes has scary, angry wishes.