Sculptures and signs

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors a found-object sculpture of a horse that his friend Leonard Streckfus made. Mister Rogers goes to visit Leonard Streckfus at his studio. Leonard shows Mister Rogers how he makes his sculptures. Mister Rogers goes back to his place and makes a found-object sculpture of his own. Mr. McFeely brings over a book that Mister Rogers has been wanting called “Loving” by Ann Morris. The book shows parents helping their children. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie helps Prince Tuesday put on a lion’s costume which he is wearing to help him feel braver while he looks for the king’s crown. Mr. Aber shows up and tells Mayor Maggie that the Westwood sign is missing. Mr. Aber looks through a telescope and sees Lady Elaine nailing a sign to the Museum-Go-Round. Mr. Aber and Mayor Maggie go and ask Lady Elaine what she is doing. Lady Elaine is putting together a found object sharing exhibit.