Sharing a pool

Mister Rogers takes off his shoes and socks. He says he has been walking alot lately and goes outside to soak his feet in a pool of water. As he reflects we see a people of all ages working, playing, and spending time together. Francois Clemmons stops by, soaks his feet awhile, and sings “There are Many Ways.” Mister Rogers says he remembers how his grandfather used to let him play in a small pool and the good times they had together. Mister Rogers shows a pop-up picture book, “A is for Animals,” with illustrations of different animals for each letter. He shows letters A to N and explains that when letters are put together they form words with which we can express the way we feel. Francois Clemmons sings a song with much energy. Mister Rogers tells Francois how proud he is of him and says that it is what’s inside of him that makes him sing so well. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday wants to go for a walk with his father, but King Friday says he must work instead. Mr. McFeely says King Friday seems like an all work and no play king, and asks Tuesday to help him with a delivery to the Museum. Mayor Maggie asks Tuesday to be in the soap opera but he doesn’t think that King Friday would let him. Lady Elaine says King Friday is an old stick in the mud and tells Tuesday that she is proud of him for helping Mr. McFeely with the delivery of soap for the soap opera. The King is still too upset to hear about Tuesday’s helpfulness and argues with Queen Sara in front of Tuesday, making them both angry. Lady Aberlin overhears. She sings about how the people you like the most can make you feel maddest.