The Fortune Cookie Man

Mister Rogers enters carrying a box with fortune cookies in it. Mister Rogers reads one of the fortunes which is written in Spanish. Mr. McFeely shows up with a video entitled “How Fortune Cookies are Made.” Mister Rogers gives Mr. McFeely two fortune cookies and Mr. McFeely is very grateful.
In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is looking for “great things” and is unimpressed when Mr. McFeely tries to give him a box of fortune cookies. With his feelings hurt, Mr. McFeely shares his disappointment with a reassuring Mayor Maggie. Mr. Aber shows up and opens a super fortune cookie and out comes Fortune Cookie Man. Fortune Cookie man is dressed as a fortune cookie. At the clock, the Fortune Cookie Man introduces himself to Daniel Striped Tiger who is surprised to meet a “live speaking fortune cookie.”
Back at the house, Mister Rogers goes to visit Eric Carle who makes children’s books. Eric Carle shows Mister Rogers how he makes books and lets Mister Rogers help him make one. Then they look at a book together entitled “Head to Toe.”