The letter B

Mister Rogers arrives with an uppercase and a lowercase letter “B.” After questioning his viewers about words that begin with “B,” Mister Rogers views an animal film about words that start with “B,” and talks about growing and maturing. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. Saunders and his two sons exercise in the “B” room with King Friday. Mr. Saunders shows the king how to exercise and how to protect himself with proper equipment. King Friday orders all the equipment for the new royal baby. Queen Sara explains to Friday that babies can’t play sports until they get older. Lady Elaine has broken the King’s window with her ball and bat. Handyman Negri offers to help her fix the window. King Friday takes Lady Elaine’s bat until she fixes the window. At home, Mister Rogers shows his viewers different types and sizes of balls. He states that, although they all are balls, they are each special and different, just as each person is special and different.