The lion helps the tiger

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors a paper fish his neighbor Ben Gonzales has made. Mister Rogers goes to visit Ben Gonzales at his studio. Mr. Gonzales demonstrates how paper sculptures are made. Mr. Gonzales tells Mister Rogers he can keep the paper fish and also gives him a paper bird to take home. After he leaves, Mister Rogers talks about how generous Mr. Gonzales is because he likes to share. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Edgar Cook is telling Lady Aberlin that someone has taken his royal refrigerator. Prince Tuesday is calling to Lady Aberlin from Daniel Striped Tiger’s clock. Prince Tuesday is still wearing his lion-looker costume and explains to Lady Aberlin that Daniel’s favorite truck is missing. Lady Elaine shows up with Daniel’s truck. Prince Tuesday tells her that Daniel is sad about the truck. Lady Elaine realizes that she needs to return everyone’s things. Back at the house, Mr. McFeely bring over a video showing how fig bars are made.