The Potato Harvest

A brand-new season of the hit PBS KIDS show, Donkey Hodie, premieres this August 14. To celebrate, we have curated a special batch of episodes that feature the characters on the show who originally appeared in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Watch Grampy Hodie, Bob Dog, and more!


Mister Rogers recycles some paper tubes and cans into a sculpture. He goes to Elsie Neal’s Craft Shop where Elsie and Mrs. McFeely are building a rockery. Mister Rogers talks about being thankful. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine prepares bottles of her Hurry-Up Syrup. In Someplace Else, Donkey Hodie hoses down the potatoes for Someplace Else’s Potato Harvest event. He and Harriet Elizabeth Cow dance to a The Dixie Travelers, a bluegrass band.