The Speedy Delivery Alphabet Book

Mister Rogers talks about the alphabet. He reads The Speedy Delivery Alphabet Book, which is a present for Mr. McFeely. It shows the different ways Mr. McFeely makes deliveries. Later, Mister Rogers presents Mr. McFeely with the book. Mr. McFeely brings a Funny Fast Film of him raking leaves. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Cousin Steve Owl tells King Friday he is trying to catch Trolley but it is too fast. Prince Tuesday recites the alphabet fast. Miss Paulificate interrupts with two phone calls, one for Steve Owl from X the Owl and one for Prince Tuesday from Daniel Striped Tiger. X the Owl says he has an idea for how to catch Trolley and Steve Owl goes to visit X the Owl to find out what his idea is. Prince Tuesday asks Lady Aberlin to talk to Daniel Tiger because he seems sad.