Tommy the doll

Mister Rogers enters with a tape recorder. He sweeps the carpet and explains that the sweeper can’t suck people up. He plays a tape of wolves howling and says it sounds like singing. Mr. Aber brings Kent Weber to visit with two live wolves, Shaman and Little Dancing Bear. They discuss the habits and characteristics of wolves: weight, size, their shyness, and how they communicate. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday tells Lady Aberlin that Tommy the doll came to life. Mr. Aber is wearing a wolf costume for Wolf Week in Westwood. He has a small wolf costume and is looking for a small good wolf. Tuesday is afraid to wear the costume, thinking he might become a wolf. Tommy comes back to life and dances with Chuck. Lady Aberlin and Chuck discuss who else might look good in the wolf costume. Henrietta, who is vacuuming, is frightened. Ana Platypus recognizes Chuck in the costume. Daniel Tiger tries on the costume and agrees to wear it. When they all go to the castle, the king says Tom and Tuesday have gone to wait in the “W” room. Mister Rogers uses a towel to pretend he is a wolf. His son Jim brings Alexander, Mister Rogers’ grandson, for a visit. They sit at the piano for a while, then go to see the trolley and play peek-a-boo. Mr. Rogers says it’s a good feeling to help someone else grow.