Too much trash

Mister Rogers plays with a wooden puzzle. He recalls a visit with Mrs. McFeely, who shows a bird house she made from a milk carton, and talks about memories. Mr. McFeely and Mister Rogers watch a videotape of Leo Sewell who makes sculptures from things people have thrown away. Mister Rogers says people can do so much with their imaginations. Mister Rogers feeds the fish, sings “You Are Special,” plays peek-a-boo, and puts away the puzzle. He says the puzzle is too difficult for him to put together without help, and talks about asking for help from friends and talking with people you love. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri trys to fan away the odor of the garbage. On her way home from a meeting, Mayor Maggie stops to talk with Handyman about the garbage problem. Lady Aberlin looks at a map to find a site for a new dump. Lady Elaine thinks they coud send their garbage to Southwood, so she calls Betty Templeton Jones on the telephone, but Betty says the Southwood dump is also full. Handyman calls to report that Old Goat is coming from Northwood. Mrs. Dingleborder is working on a project related to garbage. King Friday provides Handyman with a fan to help blow away the smell. Trolley also has a fan.