Visiting a library

Mister Rogers enters carrying drawings of Hula Mouse (H.M.) that were done by children. Mister Rogers reads ‘When the T.V. Broke’ to us and explains what the illustrations show. Mister Rogers visits Joyce Broadhus at the neighborhood library and returns ‘When the T.V. Broke.’ Joyce shows Mister Rogers another book called ‘I Heard a Little “Baa”‘; Mister Rogers checks the book out and goes back to his house. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday says that Miss Paulificate must call ‘every person in the world’ to tell them that the Royal Hula Mouse (H.M.) has been gone too long and that he must return to the castle; Mr. Aber is to help Miss Paulificate find H.M. Mr. Aber spots H.M. at the Museum-Go-Round with Lady Elaine; H.M. is hula hooping and he and Lady Elaine are talking about a ‘big round surprise.’ When Mr. Aber gets there, he tells H.M. that he must go back to the castle; when they get to the castle, Edgar Cooke says that King Friday has been looking everywhere for H.M. Mr. Aber says that King Friday needs to know that H.M. is back; Miss Paulificate calls King Friday. Back at the house, Mister Rogers says that toys should always be put back after playing. Mister Rogers reads ‘I Heard a Little “Baa”‘; it is a rhyme book about finding animals.