Volunteer firefighters

Mister Rogers arrives with a fireman’s helmet on loan from the local fire department. Visiting the Neighborhood fire department, Mister Rogers meets Captain Arnold who shows him the various aspects and responsibilities of being a firefighter. At one of the fire trucks, Captain Arnold shows the various controls and equipment including a Stokes basket used to transport people with injuries. After hearing the truck’s siren, Captain Arnold offers some fire safety tips to viewers. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday, Handyman Negri, and Lady Aberlin have signed on as volunteer firefighters. Lady Aberlin and Corney recall a fire at the factory several years ago. Meanwhile, smoke is seen coming from the Platypus mound and Handyman Negri sounds the alarm. At the direction of the volunteer firefighters, Lady Elaine puts out the fire as the Platypus family expresses their appreciation. Back at the house, Maggie Stewart makes a delivery on behalf of Mr. McFeely — a videotape about children dressing up in costumes. Before leaving, Ms. Stewart sings and signs the Speedy Delivery song.