When parents work

Mister Rogers talks about daycare, playing, and sharing and says that parents will come back for children at the end of the day. Marilyn Barnett shows Mister Rogers some exercises. Bruce Franco shows some balloon sculptures he has made and makes a balloon flamingo. He gives Mister Rogers a balloon trolley he made. Mister Rogers talks about some of the problems families experience when parents have to go away to work. He says that it takes time for children to understand feelings and talk about them, and when parents leave to go to work they will come back. He says it is important to talk about things with people you love.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday talks with Mr. Aber about exercise, and Queen Sara talks about Prince Tuesday and her having to work. Aber and Tuesday also talk. Lady Aberlin is delivering balloons to the caring center and asks Prince Tuesday to help. At the factory, the king, queen, and prince talk together about their family and work.