When the water doesn’t fall

Mister Rogers begins to put together a fountain but discovers that one of the washers is missing. He goes to Bob Trow’s Workshop. Audrey Cleans Everything is there. Mister Rogers introduces her to the viewers. He finds the piece he needs and writes Bob a note asking him for it. Bob Trow brings the washer to Mister Rogers. They finish putting together the fountain. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Miss Paulificate visits Donkey Hodie in Someplace Else. He explains how the windmill pumps water to the castle waterfall. Lady Elaine takes the windmill apart because she wants it at the Museum-Go-Round. The water stops flowing. When Handyman Negri and Donkey Hodie discover the problem and reassemble the windmill, Lady Elaine tells them not to tell on her.