“The Truth Will Make You Free” (1985)

The Truth Will Make You Free

What if I were very, very sad
And all I did was smile?
I wonder after a while,
What might become of my sadness?


What if I were very, very angry,
And all I did was sit
And never think about it,
What might become of my anger?


Where would they go, and what would they do
If I couldn’t let them out?
Maybe I’d fall, maybe get sick
Or doubt.


But what if I could know the truth
And say just how I feel?
I think I’d learn a lot that’s real
About freedom.


I’m learning to sing a sad song when I’m sad.
I’m learning to say I’m angry when I’m very mad.
I’m learning to shout,
I’m getting it out,
I’m happy, learning
Exactly how I feel inside of me.
I’m learning to know the truth.
I’m learning to tell the truth.
Discovering truth will make me free.





Music and Lyrics by Fred M. Rogers. © McFeely-Rogers Foundation.

All Rights Reserved.