“When a Baby Comes to Your House” (1981)

When a Baby Comes to Your House

When a baby comes to your house,
It’s a girl or it’s a boy.
It’s a sister or a brother,
But it’s never just a toy.


It can cry and it can holler.
It can wet and it can coo.
But there’s one thing it can never…
It can never be like you.


You were there before the baby.
Now the baby’s always there.
Now you wait for special moments
With your mother in the chair.


You’re a very special person,
You are special to your mom,
And your dad begins to say,

“You’ll always be the older one.”


It’s so good to know that always
There’s a special place for you,
And a special place for baby
Right inside the family, too.
You’ve a place that no one else has.
There is only one like you.






Music and Lyrics by Fred M. Rogers. © McFeely-Rogers Foundation.

All Rights Reserved.